It’s been long time since I’ve written anything. Even the daily dairy got tucked away somewhere in corner. I’ve used writing for being whatever I am today. All the sorrows, pain, dilemmas, apprehension was poured down to my dear friend with white pages. My writing gave it varied hues of red, blue, grays and even black. Many got to know about the diary and eyed it to know all that I was and felt. It was thought to be easier way of knowing me than to well, trying to know me! Obvious as it was I guarded it zealously.

Sachin read it. Thankfully he was too matured to react to nonsense that sometime creep in the depth of heart and soul. And not to forget he read it like a book, so occasionally giving references out of it.

Blogging has become such a rage. If one is here and now one must blog! The idea is likeable merely because it is good networking and an opportunity to let the creative juices flow.

I wanted to be into it but certain apprehensions marked my foray. Wouldn’t it be rendering thoughts open for all to read it like a book!? The choice of subject is definitely personal but isn’t a blog some personal space that I would allow others with an access to. Let’s give it a shot. Personal thoughts need not be guarded in a fort. Hope the attempt helps me to explore a whole new experience, that of blogging and more so writing again.


7 thoughts on “writing

  1. rksadhu

    May be U could look at having two blogs – one with access to others and another which could be a personal blog which only U could access. Your personal blog can be your friend (like the diary).

  2. sridevi

    Yeah, I agree with you. There would be occasions on which you like to pen down all your feelings, but on blogs we don’t prefer to do that; the fact that it is open to everyone stops us in doing so. However, definitely a different hobby which one can enjoy! Gives us satisfaction of putting down our views on various issues and being in the contemporary world.

  3. roopna

    Jst lov ur styl of writin n topic selection.. “writing ” is the one i most lovd to read as i cud relate myself to it…ve read many times tht jotting down of women’s experiences r always restricted to the closed space of a personal diary…congrats for overcoming your perplexities about the social networking cum personal blogs n coming out to a more open space of writings!

  4. prityjaiswal Post author

    @Roopna: Thanks so much. Even you have good writing skill and I am sure you are also full of ideas that you wanna express to the world. If you have related yourself to this post then surely blogging should be the next thing to come!What say? 🙂


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