Traffic in Hyderabad

Good old days when students use to walk up to school and fathers had a bicycle to ride to their work. Fast forward to the present scenario – buildings being reduced to rubble to make way for traffic.

Things move pretty fast in Hyderabad. A couple of years ago, being new to the city I found the city, the roads and the traffic management system refreshing. In Kolkata, roads are bad and narrow.The bellied traffic policemen good only for stretching their hands up to the truck and lorry drivers to receive that handful amount so as to make way for them into the choking traffic. Private buses stop anywhere to pick and drop passengers and not to forget my own habit of crossing the road from anywhere just using the hand signal.

It took just two years for Hyderabad to catch up with Kolkata and yes making me less of a homesick. The ‘wait’ gets endless during the office hours and now I am again learning to cross road in the same old way.

It’s not just the plight of a commuter that I am whining about, as a driver things are all the more bad. Since I took to the driving seat I discovered whole new world of traffic lawlessness. In Hyderabad, one can turn the vehicle from anywhere to anywhere!! Not even a hand signal to be cared for. The autowallas are the Baap of all the traffic rules; they break and create them according to need. And don’t dare to give them a lesson—somehow or the other, it’s always your fault.

Sachin is learning to drive in a Hyderabadi way, to quote an instance – he is not very good with right turnings. The other day he turned the car to right in a clumsy way and the driver sitting next to him saved the brush with a sedan parked innocently to the left of the lane. The driver tried explaining him the rules all over again. Sachin in a quick Hyderabadi way retorted “main to achcha hi ghuma raha tha wo gaari waha kyon khari thi!”( I was turning the car good but why was the car standing there!)


7 thoughts on “Traffic in Hyderabad

  1. sridevi

    It is all the more difficult when a VIP/Politician moves in the city and the traffic is stopped facilitating him/her to go without mishaps. Traffic piles up and it takes hours to reach our destinations. Can’t do much…agony remains.

  2. prityjaiswal Post author

    @santosh: I doubt that. With the upcoming Metro project, the scene is going to get worse.

  3. Liju Philip

    The traffic scene in Hyderabad is really terrible. I have myself experienced that in my previous two trips to the city.

    Every time i see the number of vehicles simply doubling. As for driving and civic sense, it seems to have gone out of the window. I had to shout at my driver the other day when he was blaring the horn for no reason. Sigh.. Yup, the metro construction is only going to worsen the traffic situation till it starts working.

  4. Prasanthi

    But you have to notice one point here Prity. If you learn driving in this city and if you could drive perfectly here, you can drive confidently in any other place in the world yar.

  5. Ramakrishna

    “Oh my God!!! I’m sick of this traffic travails.” This has been, is and will be what every hyderbadi tell to himself/herself. The problem is everywhere and who should be blamed-the system and commuters both. Leave alone traffic sense, most of the commuters do not have civic sense. We can only dream of this city without traffic jams and non-nightmarish experiences.


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