The face speaks for itself or does his myriad looks. Am I not sounding like a fifteen year old so smitten by somebody? But I am not talking about somebody but Aamir Khan. Ammir Khan in his latest Samsung Mobile advertisement.

The ad has just been released in the print version with only a couple of hoardings here and there. (No idea if its available in the newspapers and magazines coz cant gather time to go through much of them.)

What strikes is the idea. The ad is able to convey a whole lot by only using his profile. Mind one its only the profile in both the ads that I came acreoss. Lovely. One version focused on his latest hairstyle in crew cut and the other in a cap which he wears holding the Samsung mobile. The caption says, “I am Samsung Mobile”. And to tell you frankly its Aamir’s eyes speaking it out.

So much the ad speaks in its plain white backdrop with Amir in grays and blacks that just couldn’t hold my thoughts about it. Sorry to all those who think I should not be so smitten anymore. Do tell me if you believe the same thing about the ad to let me find assurance I am not the smitten but its Amir who moves us so.

Talkin about ads then have to mention the new Vodafone ad promoting their damn customer care. Atharva simple loves the ad. He would come running if he hears the initial music of “tick, tick” and stands watching it loving every second of it!

The dog helping the little girl go along her daily chores glues us to the Idiot box. The song “I wish the mornings would just stay” goes on playing in the mind long after. It’s beautifully carrying the idea forward but with a change, the owner. Little girl has replaced the little boy; Vodafone has replaced Hutch. Nonetheless nothing has replaced the same old damned service that they provide. Be it Hutch or Vodafone, their customer care are least informed and least synchronized with their own other departments. I wonder if they deserve such a lovely idea promoting their service.


2 thoughts on “Ads

  1. sachin

    Darling never knew dat u can write so well..never observed the ads so minutely …ur thoughts bring out the creativity hidden in you which I always admire…keep it up …But I know Vodafone people wont change …kutte ki doom kabhi seedhi nahin hoti…

  2. vinay

    good one. The ads you wrote about were done brilliantly. While Samsung mobiles are better than most of the crap phones that Nokia serves, Vodafone is a big shit.


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