Where’s the party tonight?

….the party was at Chiraan fort club and found dancing where all those without brains.

As soon as I entered the dingy smoke filled room, along with my apprehensions about a cocktail party, I discovered heads swinging and bodies gyrating to the blasting noise assumed as music!

Dancing to the ‘music’ were all those with no brains. To elaborate on the point, found dancing at the site were my colleagues and (pardon my audacity) my seniors including the management.

Sorry can’t classify the music.It was all thanks to a dj. Dj of a different sort! What do you call a dj with guthka stained teeth playing music as confusing as his brain. Saw him shouting on his assistant fumbling through the cd files.

He finally played good music but alas it was time for the party goers to return home or for some time to have dinner or may be worse for those too exhausted to dance anymore.

But saw some great dancers … dancing after losing all they had. One forgot the meaning of ‘stop’—coz he was dancing non stop! The other danced non stop but with breaks and glasses of water. Some girls were dancing as if its there last chance to woo someone. And how can I not mention the guy who liked staring at guys but loved dancing with girls!!

Well that’s not the end of the story…even had our head dancing with a lost head. He wanted to dance with all the girls and thus came up with a brilliant idea to make all the girls hold there hands and dance with them in merry-go-rounds (not to forget the DJ still struggling with his music). The head of heads did not know where to put his feet upon….he danced as if the floor burnt. Yes it was hot but certainly not burning, or was it because I danced too.

Yes the fool of fools danced at the party too coz she lost her brains as everyone did. It was the annual day and everybody is entitled to colour their grey cells once in a while. Aren’t they?


6 thoughts on “Where’s the party tonight?

  1. vinay

    Cool post. Loved the way you described the whole event. I enjoyed it to the max. But alas! all good things come to an end.

  2. prityjaiswal Post author

    @Ram : u missed a lot by leaving early.

    @Vinay: ya i know u definitely enjoyed a lot….Ur dancing with Eureka got the most TRP’s.

  3. prityjaiswal Post author

    @akhil : did u post a comment before this? no idea.
    non stop dance ke alawa party main aur kya kiya bidu??

  4. lazybug

    I faintly remember typing a comment. guess I forgot to press the submit button. :p

    Party mein dance ke alawa kuch nahi kiya madam. 😀


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