This is what each of us is trying to cope with during these times. Times have changed. Indeed too soon.

Soon July would bid goodbye. Clouds are still playing the cat and mouse game. They come hovering, dark and thick, but soon its sun all around smiling leaving us thirsty for rains.

No rains and our government with its laid back attitude are powerless up to 800 mega watts of the demand. There are more than three hours of power cut in Hyderabad daily, five hours in the districts and the industries have to go one day every week without power. Didn’t we have enough of the heat and sun in the tormenting summers left behind?

Rising prices have hit us hardest. The current inflation rate has touched 11.89 per cent. Everything has turned expensive, from vegetables to food articles, from auto fares to petrol prices, from house rent to home loans. The house budget has gone awry. What is the solution? Where do we go?

Cloud Seeding

RBI increasing interest rates

Would these measures relieve us of our woes, how far?


5 thoughts on “woes…

  1. Bhamoti

    Kya karegi Prity …. Sarenge garmi mein …. Baat yeh hain ki paani nahin hai is shahar mein ….. chal Calcutta bhaag jate hain 😉

  2. prityjaiswal Post author

    @Bhamoti: What an idea madamji!!!
    Waha to flood aa gaya ….yahan doob marne ko paani nahi

  3. prityjaiswal Post author

    @Santhosh: i didn’t get your point. Hyd main pani? Imagine what the next summer would be…


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