Autowalla on Delhi blast

Heavy Traffic in Begumpet at 9.45 am, Monday morning, vehicles honking and moving inch by inch with agitated commuters. Conversation in the auto…

Autowalla: Madam, kete hai Dilli main bomb phata hai?
(They are saying that there has been a bomb explosion in delhi?)
Me: Haan bhaiya.
(Yes, brother)
Autowalla: Kitne log mare madam?
( How many people died?)
Me: [ a little surprised with the manner in which the question is put]   Bhaiya, tees logo ki jaan chali gayi aur pachas se jyada logo ko chot aayi hai.  (Brother, thirty people have died and more than fifty have received injuries.)
Autowalla: arre madam, waha kyon phoda, [pointing to the traffic situation] yahan phodna tha …{heavy peel of laughter}
(oh madam, why did they explode it there, they should have exploded the bomb here…)

I am still wondering at the cruelty of the joke. Trust me wanted to whack his head right there.


6 thoughts on “Autowalla on Delhi blast

  1. Bhamoti

    Nahi.. it might be that he is himself quite shaken by the attacks and is in the constant fear that such a thing happening in reality!!!

  2. lazybug

    It’s not the authowalla’s fault. Bomb blasts have become a part and parcel of our lives today. Our minds have become immune to bad news and this is a reflection of how people are dealing with such incidents.


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