Kahani Star aur Ekta ki

So finally the saas bahu saga is coming to an end. Relief!!
It really made me feel happy to know that the split finally happened, not between some saas and bahu but between Balaji Telefilms and Star India Pvt Ltd. Star India had 25.99% stake in Balaji Telefilms with Balaji developing exclusive content for the channel. Thankfully the TRP’s are dropping and the channel has refused to renew the contract and has subsequently resold the equity to Balaji.

It’s time for Ekta auntie to cry hoarse over breach of contract. God finally listened to all those who saw creativity bleeding in all her rona-dhona. It was deregotary to portray Indian women as scheming individuals all in the name of emanicipation!!
Since Star scrapped the deal there has been a drastic fall in Balaji share prices. Star had earlier scrapped Kahani Ghar Ghar ki, Kasauti Zindagi ke and is now taking Kyunki saas bhi Kabhi Bahu thi off the air from Nov 10, 2008 after 1800 episodes and 8 years (phew and Thank God!)
Economics states that whatever goes up would come down, and seems its finally happening. Hope creativity so richly manifested in Hum Log, Buniyaad, Nukkad, Mungerilaal ke Hasin Sapne and Dekh Bhai Bekh but which sadly went spiraling down in Ekta’s daily late night riots would return. Ekta intends legal action against Rupert Murdoch owned group. I wonder who cares?


4 thoughts on “Kahani Star aur Ekta ki

  1. lazybug

    Ahem. Please do not talk abt Kekta’s personal life in public forums like these. As it is she would be unhapy abt this closure. Who knows she might start another saas bahu thingy in response to this?


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