More of Kahani…

Ekta apparently hired legal giant Ram Jethmalani as her counsel in her case against Star TV. She wants to ensure Kyuonki… at the same spot as for the last eight years disregarding the viewer-fatigue that has set in. Nor does she care about the loss, if Star continues to air it.

For now, Bombay High Court has dismissed Ekta’s petition and accepted channel’s plea to take the draggy off.

It’s sad but Ekta has trouble accepting her fall from grace. I had expected her to move along with changing times, to understand the “pulse” of her viewers. To accept that fresh ideas needs to be infused to keep her audience glued to their TV sets. The success of “Balika Vadhu” from Colors needs to be taken note of.

Star has been quick to respond but Ekta I fear will take time…

Meanwhile, kudos to Colors ( a Viacom and Network18 joint venture) to have hit the bulls eye within three months of its launch. It is delivering varied range of programs dealing mixed emotions and certainly in a fresh avatar.


12 thoughts on “More of Kahani…

  1. safat alam

    आपकी प्रयास बहुत बढिया! बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद
    ज़रा मेरी सुनेंगे ? आज ईश्वर को मानते तो सब हैं परन्तु पहचानते बहुत कम लोग हैं हमारी रचना क्यों हुई ? हम धरती पर क्यों आए ? हमें कहाँ जाना है ? क्या सब धर्म बराबर है ? क्या ईश्वर अवतार लेता है ? मुक्ति कहाँ है ? कल्कि अवतार कौन हैं ? हमारा वास्तविक धर्म क्या था ? इत्यादि प्रश्नों का उत्तर जानने के इच्छुक हैं तो इस ब्लौग का अवश्य अध्ययन करें। धन्यवाद

  2. prityjaiswal Post author

    @ Sadhu: well, aren’t Ekta’s serial all about that. Certainly, the drama has spilled over to real life with Star and Ekta fighting like saas bahu…

  3. Bhamoti

    Ki re Prity …. tor blog e kara comment korche!!! I hope this does not get similar to Akhil uncle’s blog on Kekta!! Tor blog er bhalo publicity hobe tahole!!! U know how popular Kekta is … doesnt matter whether she is playing the Saas or the Bahu ;)!!!!

  4. prityjaiswal Post author

    @bhamoti: It is a pointer to the kind of audience Kekta caters to – people with narrow yet extended views…
    Kekta too i believe is demonstrating just that…
    about Safat – Na re o aar phire aashbe naa, oke to mandire pawa jaabe… bhatka hua raahi


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