Hail the Pink Chaddis !

Well, this one goes about pink chaddis as well. Everyone seems to be talking, writing and wondering about it, and I think that’s where the nail has been hit pretty hard (and smelly) too. Pink chaddis have surely brought the required attention to themselves.

Strange ways people deal with strange things. Love is universal and timeless indeed but do we need a bunch of Baanar Senas to breathe down our neck on how and when exactly do we express it? The whole campaign of defiance against Pramod Muthalik is a matter of awareness and assertiveness. However much the Sagarika Ghoses’ dismiss the pink chaddi campaign as undignified, I believe this is a new Indian sentiment (and action of course) – a form of uprising. A similar expression was seen during the recent 26/11 attack on Mumbai when we had uproar over the role and responsibilities of people chosen to lead and safeguard us.

The point is about freedom of choice, about our fundamental rights as an Indian citizen, a citizen of a democratic country.  Well I am not supporting the hulla balloo about St. Valentine’s Day or the Pub Bharo Andolan. Let that be left to individual choices and tastes. If you love someone you don’t need a holy saint’s decent reminding on one particular day, to express to your beloved. Love and expression is quite a personal prerogative to be brought down to such a public level. Anyways let that be a matter of discursion .

On the other front the likes of Pramod Muthalik should know that they have been elected for a lot better causes rather than going around women on a certain day with a certain excuse. Well then, hail the soiled pink chaddis on them !!


7 thoughts on “Hail the Pink Chaddis !

  1. Solilo

    Hail PCC! Have been supporting it too. Bloghopped from somewhere 🙂

    BTW that quote you have on top right corner ‘this is another wordpress blog’..you can change that in wordpress.

  2. prityjaiswal Post author

    @ Solilo: Me supporting it too but not by sending pink chadddis or pubbing…
    My support is visible here.
    Would love to change the status of my blog from just another one, but that would take a lot of regular effort from a lazy soul…;-)

  3. krish

    The campaign seems to be dying slowly. May be it will spring up when another set of monkeys come to scratch.

    May be this time everyone should have an extra set of pink panties in their purses, and when the monkeys come just force them to wear it on their heads.


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