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The Role of Media vis-a-vis the Commonwealth Games

The world witnessed an incredible India with the XIX Commonwealth Games—a country of incredible extremes.  The country that has charmed the world with its rich cultural and heritage treasures stunned the world by goofing up the preparations for the XIX Commonwealth Games currently being hosted in Delhi. It is a huge honor and privilege to be able to win the bid for the hosting of this game but a lot of things went wrong down the seven years given for preparation. Media all over the world went berserk with criticism and slur. Indian media too was not far behind. This is what brings us to the strangeness of the situation, the position of media and its role in perspective of our Commonwealth Games.
Indian media surfaced with its stories of horrid corruption and lousy preparation just a couple of months to the Games. The point here is what were they following since the day Delhi was awarded the Games’ hosting?  Today we have more than a dozen channels fore bearing the news front but sadly they seem to follow the wrong news more often. It’s not the authorities that have woken up late for the preparation but the media itself was sleeping over it. Neither did the media pose questions to the newly formed government over the Commonwealth Games when they came into power, nor did it book Delhi Prime Minister Sheila Dikshit, OC Chairman Suresh Kalmadi or Sports Minister MS Gill well in time. True, the perpetrators were busy hauling gold rather than creating infrastructure but media is equally to be blamed for missing it altogether until India as a country was neck deep in trouble. What came out as flashing news and to the dismay and heartbreak of Indians just a couple of months before the Games did help  to salvage the situation but that was about it—it did nothing better than “salvaging”. Had the seven years gone into the preparation within the hawk eye of media of course, India would have prevented the muck that was thrown into its face  internationally.
Media indeed played the big daddy through out the Commonwealth controversy bullying the authorities for their shortfalls and corruption, but somewhere they went too far with it. With just a week left to the Commonwealth Games, media was all over the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium pulling out pictures of live reptiles habituating the host stadium. It went overboard with these stories and forgot its responsibility as an Indian media. What was needed at this hour was stories that encouraged the world of Indian capabilities rather of its eminent struggle to pull up an act.  The over proportionate stories of Indian handicap resulted in leading athletes of the world pulling out of the Games sighting security as concern. Countries like Australia threatened to boycott the Games completely. Unfortunately Indian media never realized that responsible reporting is the hour of the need rather bullying and bashing their own country’s pride.
Today, as we are past through a “spectacular” opening ceremony and into the second week of the Games with more than forty medals in Indian kitty including twenty four gold and several silver, media is yet again going overboard with the way we as an India have managed to place ourselves back into the good books of the sporting arena. I believe, caution should be the need of the hour, and reporting keeping in mind the fact that any bridge, any  pedestal can collapse anytime, coz at the end of the day XIX Commonwealth Games is a pulled up act rather a well planned event. Sigh!


Watch for More…

Long time since I took a hiatus, now time to make a comeback. Watch this space for more 🙂

Hail the Pink Chaddis !

Well, this one goes about pink chaddis as well. Everyone seems to be talking, writing and wondering about it, and I think that’s where the nail has been hit pretty hard (and smelly) too. Pink chaddis have surely brought the required attention to themselves.

Strange ways people deal with strange things. Love is universal and timeless indeed but do we need a bunch of Baanar Senas to breathe down our neck on how and when exactly do we express it? The whole campaign of defiance against Pramod Muthalik is a matter of awareness and assertiveness. However much the Sagarika Ghoses’ dismiss the pink chaddi campaign as undignified, I believe this is a new Indian sentiment (and action of course) – a form of uprising. A similar expression was seen during the recent 26/11 attack on Mumbai when we had uproar over the role and responsibilities of people chosen to lead and safeguard us.

The point is about freedom of choice, about our fundamental rights as an Indian citizen, a citizen of a democratic country.  Well I am not supporting the hulla balloo about St. Valentine’s Day or the Pub Bharo Andolan. Let that be left to individual choices and tastes. If you love someone you don’t need a holy saint’s decent reminding on one particular day, to express to your beloved. Love and expression is quite a personal prerogative to be brought down to such a public level. Anyways let that be a matter of discursion .

On the other front the likes of Pramod Muthalik should know that they have been elected for a lot better causes rather than going around women on a certain day with a certain excuse. Well then, hail the soiled pink chaddis on them !!

One thousand miles

Hmm…Got the four figure.  Am I exuberant? naaaaaaaa…

Now what, well it would be very long when I add one more digit to this.
I am not very fond of numbers and I am not using firecrackers to let the world know that I got one thousand hits for my blog.

So, what next?  This blog would grow along with me…it is a place where my thoughts, creativity and ideas take shape and I intend to keep that going.
Then why at all am I talking about numbers? I could have conveniently ignored it. These numbers are an inspiration…to keep on going and checking my abandoning habit.
Thanks for being with me…


It’s been long time since I’ve written anything. Even the daily dairy got tucked away somewhere in corner. I’ve used writing for being whatever I am today. All the sorrows, pain, dilemmas, apprehension was poured down to my dear friend with white pages. My writing gave it varied hues of red, blue, grays and even black. Many got to know about the diary and eyed it to know all that I was and felt. It was thought to be easier way of knowing me than to well, trying to know me! Obvious as it was I guarded it zealously.

Sachin read it. Thankfully he was too matured to react to nonsense that sometime creep in the depth of heart and soul. And not to forget he read it like a book, so occasionally giving references out of it.

Blogging has become such a rage. If one is here and now one must blog! The idea is likeable merely because it is good networking and an opportunity to let the creative juices flow.

I wanted to be into it but certain apprehensions marked my foray. Wouldn’t it be rendering thoughts open for all to read it like a book!? The choice of subject is definitely personal but isn’t a blog some personal space that I would allow others with an access to. Let’s give it a shot. Personal thoughts need not be guarded in a fort. Hope the attempt helps me to explore a whole new experience, that of blogging and more so writing again.