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Not writing for a long time…
What is it??
A writer’s block or maybe something else? 😐


One thousand miles

Hmm…Got the four figure.  Am I exuberant? naaaaaaaa…

Now what, well it would be very long when I add one more digit to this.
I am not very fond of numbers and I am not using firecrackers to let the world know that I got one thousand hits for my blog.

So, what next?  This blog would grow along with me…it is a place where my thoughts, creativity and ideas take shape and I intend to keep that going.
Then why at all am I talking about numbers? I could have conveniently ignored it. These numbers are an inspiration…to keep on going and checking my abandoning habit.
Thanks for being with me…


It’s been long time since I’ve written anything. Even the daily dairy got tucked away somewhere in corner. I’ve used writing for being whatever I am today. All the sorrows, pain, dilemmas, apprehension was poured down to my dear friend with white pages. My writing gave it varied hues of red, blue, grays and even black. Many got to know about the diary and eyed it to know all that I was and felt. It was thought to be easier way of knowing me than to well, trying to know me! Obvious as it was I guarded it zealously.

Sachin read it. Thankfully he was too matured to react to nonsense that sometime creep in the depth of heart and soul. And not to forget he read it like a book, so occasionally giving references out of it.

Blogging has become such a rage. If one is here and now one must blog! The idea is likeable merely because it is good networking and an opportunity to let the creative juices flow.

I wanted to be into it but certain apprehensions marked my foray. Wouldn’t it be rendering thoughts open for all to read it like a book!? The choice of subject is definitely personal but isn’t a blog some personal space that I would allow others with an access to. Let’s give it a shot. Personal thoughts need not be guarded in a fort. Hope the attempt helps me to explore a whole new experience, that of blogging and more so writing again.